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Ready to accept payments online? Discover seamless solutions with Sekure Payment Experts

Your virtual terminal should be easy to use, provide real time reporting, and have features available and set up; like card information storage, recurring billing, email invoice payments, and user level access control.

If your business accepts payments by phone, email, or fax, a virtual terminal will handle payments with low transaction fees.

Virtual terminal for credit card processing- Your key to smart saving

Our Payment Experts can get you set up to accept phone or online payments in no time so you can focus on your business. The wrong equipment or software can cause unnecessary frustration. Agents and processors use confusing industry terms but we will explain what is important and what isn’t. We’ll guide you through the decision process of selecting the right equipment solutions.

The Sekure difference

We work with the best equipment and software vendors while most processors and agents only provide their own solutions. Our Payments Experts will work with you and your account provider to ensure you have the right equipment and the best payment processing rates for your point of sale, out in the field, or in the office, suited to your business needs.

Protect your bottom line and accept payments anywhere

Our Payment Experts will help you avoid costly equipment leases and rentals. In fact, in most cases, we will ensure the processor provides FREE equipment. We’ll protect your bottom line from unnecessary fees related to equipment and gateways.

Handle payments. We’ll take care of the rest

Payment equipment and software often involve multiple vendors. Vendors tend to point the finger at each other when issues arise, which leaves you confused and figuring it out alone. Our Payment Experts coordinate between the vendors to ensure complete and proper support for your business, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Sekure offers online terminal solutions to your business at no cost

Accept credit cards in your store, on the job, and online. Use one of our devices or your own, our processing solutions are designed to work for you. We can even help you eliminate your processing fees.

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