Easily Switch Point of Sale Providers with this Small Business Guide


Because of connections between many large payment processors and point of sale system providers, switching your merchant services provider can sometimes be an investment, both in time and money. Licensing fees, service contracts, and various other costs are an unfortunate but necessary hurdle for some businesses. However, switching POS systems can often reduce your expenditures. Not only POS systems, but sometimes it's possible to onboard with a new service provider without changing hardware, while the savings over just a few months usually cover the cost of your POS switch.

The Obvious Question: What's the Best Way to Switch Processors?

For small merchants like sole proprietorships, this process is often challenging. Conflicting information from various sales reps can make the process long and confusing. The vested interest of small-time sales reps (signing bonuses, monthly residuals, etc.) means it's hard to know if they're acting in your best interest. Furthermore, some merchants even complain about being scammed by false statements of being unable to switch. The last thing any business owner wants is downtime or compatibility issues added to their already overflowing to-do list.

Often, the idea of switching almost becomes more overwhelming than making the change. That is precisely what these companies want. The more you feel restricted, the safer your paychecks become. They want you to believe that quick and easy solutions don't exist. Well, they do.

In these situations, you need someone who stands to gain less financially off of your account than a sales rep, someone who presents the facts and leaves you to make the best choice for your business.

Sekure Payment Experts has already integrated thousands of POS systems and continues to work with hundreds of merchants every month with all kinds of different business structures. Sekure has access to low rates, budgets, and tech support that local reps can't offer. By working with hundreds of merchants every month and millions of dollars in volume, Sekure can get you a wholesale-style rate on payment processing you simply wouldn't get as a single business.

Aside from heavily discounted rates, Sekure can also pay up to 100% of the switch fees. We also have a buyback program dedicated to old POS devices.  Why mess around with a buggy legacy system when you can streamline your business with modern POS software, such as inventory management.

Unfortunately, there are some systems ( Flex Track, TeleFlora) that won't integrate with anyone but a single processor. At this point, another question becomes a key factor, covered below.

Should I Run My Payments Without Integrating Them with My Point of Sales System?

As much as it goes against popular opinion, the answer is often yes.

Many businesses (including retail environments) have a relatively small number of daily transactions. By processing through a separate terminal and manually entering the transactions into your POS, you can have your cake and eat it too! The added work involved is minimal, while the long-term savings can be a significant help to any operation.

Every situation should be assessed individually and based on each merchant's needs and requirements. Sekure has many specific software plug-ins like Charge Anywhere. This program creates a new drop-down window in Quickbooks Enterprise, Pro, and other packages. This allows you to stay integrated in a way that seamlessly blends with your day-to-day operations.

Always remember that you have options. Sekure is your best defense against the potentially high cost of switching your POS system and getting low-cost rates. Have one of Sekure's payment professionals review your statement today by calling 1-866-437-3189. You can also contact us via our online chat by visiting us at www.sekuremerchants.com.

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