Prohibited Merchants

Various businesses and the products they sell may fall under prohibited merchant types and cannot be onboarded to any of the platforms we provide.

Regulated or illegal products and services

Adult material and entertainment

Includes adult or sexually oriented products, services and media; gentlemen’s clubs can be worked with.

Escort services (sexually suggestive)

Includes merchants with sexually oriented marketing offering dating, escort and companionship services.

Cable box descramblers

Includes all devices or software designed to circumvent copyright protection techniques.

Counterfeit goods

Replicas and/or reproductions of original luxury goods, including ‘tribute’ items, such as Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci, Rolex, etc.

Drug paraphernalia

Includes products generally used for the consumption or distribution or illegal substances.

Marijuana or drug sales

Includes all types of drugs that are illegal under any law, including medical marijuana, regardless of individual State laws.

Gambling / Sports forecasting

Includes all gambling, wagering, lottery, fantasy sports, casino chips and off-track betting activity. Also includes lottery sales, horse racing, dog racing and skill games.

Financial and professional services

Check cashing

Includes businesses primarily engaged in check cashing services.

Collection agencies

Uncollectable debt.

Marketing permission

Includes all services designed to pay credit card balances due to unemployment or exigent circumstances.

Credit repair services

Includes all services and counseling purportedly designed to repair consumer or business credit.


(I.e. Kickstarter, GoFundMe).

Debt consolidation

Includes all entities offering to consolidate debt, debt relief and credit Insurance.

Investment opportunities and Ponzi schemes

Includes all forms of securities, stocks, bonds, futures and cash gifting activity.

Online auctions

CNP auctions, including penny auctions.

Payday lending

Includes all entities primarily offering short-term loans, title loans and cash advance services.

Products or services that are otherwise prohibited by our financial partners

Non-U.S. based businesses

Business physically located outside the U.S. / offshore merchants.


Includes charters, private jets and aircraft lease payments, regional, national and international airlines.

Charters and Tours

Excluding day trips.

Cruise Line

Includes all regional and international cruise lines, charter services and vacation packages involving cruises.

Direct Marketing

Catalog businesses, continuity, subscriptions, inbound and outbound telemarketing.

Travel agencies and tour packages

Includes all travel and tour packages, discounted travel voucher and coupon programs.